February 2019

Winter Circle for Brave Moves

For Women Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Consultants


February 2019 Brave moves circle

This circle begins in February 2019 for professional working women who are leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants.

Dates to be confirmed with the group are February 10, 21, March 3, 21 and April 7, 18

Design the second half of your life

with brave moves

This is a time in life for shifts, changes, transitions and redefinitions of success for many women. Brave Moves is my proprietary coaching program that forms the cornerstone of the design for women who want to reignite their life’s work and thrive.

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Is this you?

Ready to tap into your essential nature and craft your next brave move?

Want to gain clarity on your brave move and get support in refining it?

Seeking to make a shift, a pivot or leap to what’s next as you design the second half of your life?

Enjoy participating in a  supportive environment, confidential, safe and fun?


Brave Moves Goals:

-        Cultivate bravery as part of your essential nature in your life’s work

-        Guide your brave, wise, loving self to magnify your impact

-        Craft a Meaningful Action Plan (MAP) aligned with your strategic priorities, interests & passion for your work


Six Steps:

- Reconnect with the Essential YOU

- Voice Your Assumptions, Break Your Own Rules

-Clarify and Align with Your Essential Nature/Purpose

-Empower Your Heart

-Personal Possibility Statement

-MAP for Brave Moves*

Brave Moves Investment::

1.5 hours x 6 sessions for $397.00

Connections with like-minded women and support for your own brave moves

Includes private Linked In group for sharing  ideas and resources

Special price for Brave Moves Her, an intimate evening event in Spring showcasing one brave woman’s journey



-        Use Zoom technology with private link emailed weekly

-        Circle gathers alternating Thursday evening and Sunday afternoon.

- Dates to be confirmed with the group are February 10, 21, March 3, 21 and April 7, 18

-        If you miss the call, you will be emailed the audio video link

-        Email Brave Moves Tool Kit worksheets week prior to Zoom call

EARLY BIRD OFFER for Brave Move Mini-Retreat guests:

Pay by January 7th 2019 for the February Circle and receive a FREE Linked In assessment and revision. This is your sign up and will be followed up by a Welcome Letter from me. Thanks! Kelley

*Opportunity for one on one coaching as a follow up to this 6-session program.


Contact:  Kelley Connors    203-856-3732 (Text and cell)   KelleyCWell@gmail.com