Like all of our stories, mine is unique -  though I know many have experienced similar feelings as our careers have progressed through different stages. 

This stage is what I call the "tuning in" stage of life, because if we don't use this time in our life to align with what matters most to us, we may miss a big opportunity to make an impact in the world.

I've been an independent  healthcare communications consultant for over 20 years.  Most of my work has been in PR and health advocacy with a focus on women's health. And, I've loved my work from home and the freedom it can afford. No more commuting to NYC and more freedom, and flexibility to build my career.

However, I was constantly trading time for dollars which meant I was on "the hamster wheel", in the comfort of my home office. I worked as many or more hours in my home office til I started to question my "why".

Like many women in midlife,  I thought "why am I working like this?"  "what impact do I really want to make?" and "how do I work with more purpose and impact, rather than just being an independent consultant".  

While I may have appeared successful for years, my priorities and values shifted during my career.  Triggered by a move to Boston with my husband,  I explored new job opportunities that made full use of my skills.  Yet, I was missing more meaning in my work and I had a lot of desire for making a difference. 

While seeking the elusive "perfect" job,  the light bulb went off when I was asked a question I was totally unprepared for.

That question spoke to me and stirred me to action!  I explored activities that really stirred me, writing, photography and I began a more regular mindfulness practice including a silent meditation retreat for five days.  This all began to lay a new pathway for me,  that included bringing like-minded women along with me.

I also became a mentor to young kids who have limited chance for success in inner city Boston pubic schools.

This "tuning in" pathway is blends the science of positive psychology, with coaching and mindfulness to boost happiness and productivity in midlife.

Today, I help women Design the Second Half of Their Lives through coaching individuals one-on-one and online groups. I also lead inspirational and transformational day long and weekend retreats in beautiful spaces.

Professional Credentials:

Masters in Public Health, Boston University School of Public Health

Trained Wellness Coach, Wellcoaches, endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine

Certificates of Completion,

Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine

Whole Being Institute, Teaching for Transformation and Positive Psychology Coaching

Fundamentals of Healthy Aging, Univ of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

Active Membership

The Commonwealth Institute, Healthcare Businesswomen's Association, Boston Women Communicators, College Club of Boston, and Hands to Heart Yoga Community. Also, I am on the Industry Council for Boston University School of Public Health


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Midlife is a perfect time for women to believe in what stirs them. With intention, intuition and inspiration, we can live longer and better! - Kelley Connors, MPH, Co-creator, Design the Second Half of Your Life
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