Design Your Next: Possibility Circle

 Expand your own capacity for purpose, passion & possibility for professional working women

Expand your own capacity for purpose, passion & possibility for professional working women

If you have worked hard for years, but find yourself unfulfilled at this time of  your life, possibility circles fuel your capacity for designing what's next.

This online 5 week program is a peer coaching circle that incorporates the same coaching principles as one-on-one coaching but uses the power of like-minded women to expand what's possible. 

Goal of Circle:  In this circle, you'll craft your meaningful action plan over the course of 3 months, to design your possibility for joy vs expectations and "shoulds". 

Methods: Mindfulness meditation, guided meditation and self-reflection exercises with meaningful action plan.  Follow your plan to evolve, from taking right action aligned with who you are and your desired outcome...for joy and ease.

Logistics: We'll meet 5 times on-line via Zoom technology over 3 months. The three months gives you to time to align your actions with your intentions and then, your goals.

The 5 session circle can take place over 9 weeks, and includes access to my mini-retreats in Back Bay and the get away weekend on Martha's Vineyard.  

We will schedule the 5 sessions to match availability for all, and will include Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoon/evenings.

Payment:  The cost is $500.00 for each possibility circle, of 5 sessions.

Start dates: Join today for our April 2018 circle.

Contact:  Kelley Connors via


"Unlock Your Inner Wisdom" Mini-Retreat

April 22nd

 Sarika Arora, MD, Internist, Functional Medicine Specialist

Sarika Arora, MD, Internist, Functional Medicine Specialist



Find your inner wisdom through daily habits that support health and wellbeing.

This 3-hour mini-retreat is for you if:

- you feel disconnected from your talents and gifts as you seek more in your life work

- you're ready to experience your own pathway to healing and inner wisdom

- you seek fulfillment and freedom in your life's work and connection with like-minded women

This 3-hr mini-retreat is an intimate, women-only mini-retreat in the Back Bay of Boston at Aum Healing Center with our partner, Sarika Aurora, MD.  Sarika is an internist and functional medicine specialist who gets at the root of symptoms in helping her patients heal from the inside out. 

Our mini-retreat will begin with a journey to inner wisdom through guided meditation and self-reflection. We will also include a discussion of women’s hormones and how to balance them for energy and focus.  We will also meet our inner mentor, our brave, wise loving self and learn the daily habits that give us access to this best version of ourselves.

Sign up is free for any new clients for Sarika or Kelley before April 22nd.

Tickets are $50.00 with sign up on

The event will be held at 332 Newbury Street, Boston.


"Wellthy and Wise"

By Invitation Only for Senior Executive Women 

 Wellthy and wise mini-retreat on April 8th in Back Bay Boston

Wellthy and wise mini-retreat on April 8th in Back Bay Boston

Hosted by: 
Kelley Connors, MPH, Life Work Coach with guest: 
Lisa Matthews, 
Family Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley

Women are breadwinners, change agents and caregivers today, at various stages of our life's work.   The opportunity we have, as midlife women, is to optimize our own wellbeing, living with purpose and possibility, amidst changing life work circumstances.

Join like minded senior executive women for a mini-retreat that integrates wealth and wellbeing in the second half of life. 

This is an invitation-only mini-retreat for senior executive women who enjoy the company of like-minded dynamic executive women. 

This is for you if:

- you're wondering if you've saved enough for retirement

- you want more fulfillment in your life and more purpose in your work

- you're ready to take charge of your financial health and gain peace of mind

Outcomes of the Mini-Retreat:

  • Gain insights on what's most important as your life work changes
  • Engage in inspired conversation with like-minded women
  • Leave with a Meaningful Action Plan (MAP)  for wellth, purpose & fulfillment

The event will be held at 115 Newbury Street, Boston.

By Invitation Only