Midlife is a perfect time to believe in what stirs you so you can live well and work well...

Midlife is a perfect time to believe in what stirs you so you can live well and work well...

Maybe my story sounds like yours ... 

You may be in midlife with a stirring to go beyond your well-paved past, but understandably, fear can hold you back.

If so...my story may resonate with you as a busy working woman.

I have been a marketing and communications and consultant for large healthcare organizations and start ups for most of my career in NYC , Boston and San Francisco.  

While I've always enjoyed working hard as a consultant in healthcare, I realized that with two decades of life's work experience:

  • Fulfillment is key to sustaining my life's work
  • Wellbeing is a proxy for health. If you feel good, and you're happy or at least content...you're more productive.
  • You don't need to reinvent yourself over and over again. You can be open to your gifts and talents and learnings to guide you.
  • Reinvention is really aligning and clarifying what's most important or interesting to you.
  • You're already enough but likely your gifts are hidden behind expectations. 
  • Where there is a desire, there is opportunity for fulfillment. Look for the opportunities and create the possibility from your inner resources and outer circles of support. 
Of any stopping place in life, it is good to ask whether it will be a good place from which to go on as well as a good place to remain.
— Mary Catherine Bateson, Cultural Anthropologist

In my experience, and positive psychology supports this - once you start to focus on your own wellbeing, as opposed to external demands, you can actually start to create your future from the inside out.  Yes, your heart and your brain can actually be talking to each other, and you'll pave a new pathway.

It's about risk-taking and courage, and coming to know hidden parts of yourself that you can nurture and amplify.

Personally,  I am passionate about empowering a wholebeing approach to working and living well. Years ago, I trained to become a certified yoga teacher. I could feel that calling me though I did not quit my day job.  I continued to purse my interest in building a healthcare communications consulting business but evolved that interest more towards helping consumers thrive.  

Today, I’m a wellbeing coach for busy working women, with training as a wellness coach (Wellcoaches).  I continued my studies online in mind body medicine and mindfulness and positive psychology coaching. 

These are perfect complements to my branding and health communications consulting work which I bring to my coaching clients to help them amplify their personal mission and message.

After spending a decade in communications consulting, what I know to be true is that you can spark your own life work revolution when you tune in .... and believe in what stirs you. 
— Kelley

What shifted for me? Over the last decade, I wanted to make more of an impact in my work, as my priorities shifted from “freedom and flexibility”, to making an impact in the health and wellbeing of women in midlife. I realized that, over time,  I had drifted from my vision partly due to trading time for dollars.  I  became more passionate about taking a whole being approach to health. With new trainings and skills, I started to lead working women on their own journey to design the second half of their life.

Wherever you are in your career, or your own business or life exploration, I hope you’ll consider my invitation an offer to bust through your “old story” and see the gifts that can re-ignite and energize your life’s work with purpose and passion and possibility. This “ready or not” invitation will reveal your gifts – those characteristics that hold the key to your pathway for the second half of your life.

I work with working women one-on-one, in small groups and in live mini-retreats and get-away weekend retreats. The foundation of my core signature coaching program is  “Design the Second Half of Your Life”. It is built on the principles of positive psychology, mindfulness tools and wellness coaching.

Please feel free to contact me here via email at KelleyCWell@gmail.com.

I am always delighted to talk with women who resonate with my own story and who are ready to move forward with their life's work! 


Here’s my background:

President, KC Healthcare Communications 

Masters in Public Health, Boston University School of Public Health

Trained health and Wellness coach (Wellcoaches, endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine

Trained Yoga Teacher (200 hour registered yoga teaching certified with Dr. Jeff Migdow)

Univ of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology

Whole Being Institute, Teaching for Transformation

Benson Henry Institute, Mind Body Medicine

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association/Boston Chapter, VP Executive Committee and Global Digital Innovator

Nominated Woman of Innovation, Connecticut Technology Council

Host of Blog-Style Online Radio Show Host, Real Women on Health

Published articles in Huffington Post

Life Work Coach for Health & Wellbeing Design the Second Half of Your Life is a coaching program developed and copyrighted by KC Well Coaching and Consulting

Life Work Coach for Health & Wellbeing

Design the Second Half of Your Life is a coaching program developed and copyrighted by KC Well Coaching and Consulting

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!”
— Katherine Hepburn