Ready to put You at the top of your "to do list"?

5 Weeks to Your Best Life's Work

Craft a 30-Day Meaningful Action Plan (MAP)

Go from Disengaged to Passionate

Our small group of select like-minded women

will experience what it's like to

breakthrough self-limiting views

gain a new perspective

in a small group setting, with coaching


Are you in a job or career transition and would like more support to reach your goals? 


Do you yearn to make a mark with your life's work finally?


It’s the second half of life and time is ticking in this one precious life. Many busy working women have spent years being successful in their roles, but want more fulfillment and impact in their work as they transition to retirement or work through transition to what's next.

Put Yourself on Your To-Do List

with a Meaningful Action Plan


I. Week One

New Rules and Your Tools for the Second Half of Life

These new rules help you make the shift from what got you here to what will get you there, wherever your unique “there” is.  This shift energizes you to make choices, day by day, minute by minute, aligned with your priorities and values.  

Your tools are your inner resources, your strengths, your gifts and your interests to help you overcome the inner critic that defines you - so you can know who YOU really is!


Our first module is not about slowing down or being invisible.

It's about using the new rules to fuel your purpose, passion and possibility.


Using self-assessments, guided meditations, TED Talk videos, worksheets and group coaching, you will clarify your purpose and learn to embrace your inner critic, so that you can move from:

  • Managing your time to managing your energy
  • Striving for perfection to being authentic
  • Getting thinner to getting stronger
  • Gripping comfort to finding new passion
  • Living out of habit to living with purpose
  • Thinking harder about your complex problems to using your innate wisdom to guide you
  • Being realistic to being intentional
  • Saving for retirement to living fully now
  • Dreading transitions to navigating with ease
  • Age as barrier to age is a state of mind and possibility mindset


II. Week Two and Three

Craft Your Meaningful Action Plan

Over the past decades you've been the circle in a round hole, twisting and turning yourself to fit into what no longer really fits you. 

That's why you've felt like the hamster in a wheel– going fast, but getting nowhere.

Will you let your voice stay dimmed by self-doubt and uncertainty or will you embrace your future self and lay a new path that's bold and sustainable? 

With the New Rules in place, you begin to feel, hear and know what stirs you. Now it’s time to believe it.  Instead of molding yourself to fit the shapes required of you over the last decades of work and life, it’s time to take steps that align with who you really are.

In this module, you'll craft your own Meaningful Action Plan (MAP).  The path you’ll take in this module is paved with stepping stones: your values and priorities, laid on a foundation of your inner resources: resilience and courage.

In this module, we'll meet your Inner Mentor so you can visualize your best self and start to express yourself in a way that is authentic, memorable and powerful.

III. Week Four

Take Inspired Risks and Discover New Possibilities

Despite your past successes and your tried and true expertise, your goal is to know "what you don't know" so you can create for your next phase of your life's work.

The goal of the module is to reveal some of your blind spots and take meaningful risks that support you in your journey. 

New daily habits and activities and three low risk steps are your secret ingredients to living into the unknown with greater courage and resilience.

Your MAP will emerge from transition to possibility as you take the kinds of risks that reveal new or different options. 

IV.  Week Five

Live Your Legacy, Amplify your voice

This final module helps us take new steps to live our design and create messaging that will inspire our friends, colleagues, business partners.

The goal of the program is to build our strategic network and make the impact we wish to make with our life's work.

We have to believe in our life's work and talk about it - that's how others will believe in it and  support our energy and passion for it.

Want to own and run a small cafe in your small town? Build your own small business that supports women and girls globally and locally? Want to improve health and healthcare in the US or globally? What's your passion?

Ready to leave your big red juicy kiss on your life's work?

V. Special Coaching Offer 

This October group coaching offer is an introductory offer with a low investment "on purpose". I am passionate about guiding working women in transition, and would love nothing more than for you to experience the mindset shifts and inspired actions that are key to reaching yourgoals in the second half of life.

However, this is a time-limited offer til October 5th.

 The total cost is $347.00 for 4 coaching sessions of 90 minutes each in this small group.  That's less than $100 for each coaching session, which is a savings of $150.00 an hour.  In total you are saving $600 for 4 sessions, based on my private coaching rate. 

 However, you must register by  October 10th.

 The coaching focus is customized to the group and is not the same for all groups necessarily. This September group is a 5 Week special offer for working women in transition.

VI.  Four Dates and Times

Date: The group will hold its coaching calls on Sundays @1 pm - 2:30 pm EST.  

VII. How to Join

We use Zoom technology, a user-friendly app,  which gives participants the option of either listening and viewing live video or both. You can even travel and call-in if you're on the road.

After each coaching call, you will receive a link to review the content after our live call in case you miss a call or are late.  Your direct link to Zoom will be shared with you upon registration.

VII.  Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the quality of this program,  I will refund your money 100% after one month.

VIII.  How to Sign Up

Send in your application below with your payment of $347.00.

I look forward to your participation in this group starting September 17th.

Be Well,

Kelley Connors, MPH, coach and communications consultant for busy working women

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Fall 2017

5 Weeks to Your Best Life's Work

Craft a Meaningful Action Plan (MAP)

Go from Disengaged to Passionate in the Second Half of Life

Our small group of select like-minded women

will experience what it's like to

breakthrough self-limiting views

gain a new perspective

in a small group setting, with coaching

we'll see how possibilities emerge in unexpected and delightful ways


Kelley is so down to earth, funny and smart and clearly has a gift for doing this kind of work and facilitating it. It was heart warming to witness her intuitiveness to sense and gauge the tone and vibe of the group as the retreat progressed, and to flow and shift with it. I am grateful for and enjoying the continued support and connection and looking forward to the next retreat.
— Deb Sillimann Wass, Artist, Writer
I’ve known Kelley’s work for a decade, and she’s tirelessly committed to advancing public health, especially women’s health in midlife. I have seen her apply her branding and communication skills in creative ways to engage both consumers and healthcare professionals for better health and wellbeing. I highly recommend her to any healthcare or wellness organization.
— Michelle Segar, PhD, MPH, University of Michigan

Registration for October virtual group coaching requires a brief application to understand your goals. Please share your contact with me and I'll be in touch. Thank you!

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